Limit? Limit! It is probably one of the main reasons why i am a diest. Because back in the religon i was forced to follow, every single thing is limited. And when you put a limit on something, you force it to stop from changing. And this world would turn ugly without change.
My parents are muslims. And so are my ancestors. However i always failed to understand that how are they satisfied by being a part of islam? Or how is every other person on earth who follows/practices other revealed religon satisfied? Because all what they do is limit your thoughts & actions. They limit your love for God. They limit everything you could ever give to God in return. And yet you still have faith in it?
I have studied about other religons too but here i’ll just share my opinion about islam and it’s customs & traditions.
In islam, you have to pray five times a day. Not more than that. Not less than that. But why? Why not giving the choice to the people? It’s their prayer. Their wish. It should be upto them to pray to God as many times as they can or as many times as they wish to. And it should also be upto them to pray to God in any way they like and at any place they wish to go. Because i have met people who keep on whining that they have to perform this obligation again and again and it’s hard for them to leave all their work and go to masjid again and again because it only makes them tired and makes them question their faith.
Similarly muslims are given a specefic amount and a specefic time to donate your wealth to a specefic type of poor. Why can’t the muslims just go and give whatever they like, whenever they like and to whomever they want to give?
These specefications and restrictions eventualy then become abhorent to human nature. And that is why people like me leave it and look for another way to reach the God. Because when every single practice through which you thought you could reach your God becomes limited, you have no other choice than to change your way and become an athiest or a diest.




Because you are born in this world not just to discover your fears. But also to overcome them. And because life is too short to be lived in fear.

Thought of the Day

Appreciation creates competition. And competition gives birth to cheating.  And then you stop working for yourself and work just for being appreciated. So never fall for appreciation. It can turn you into a monster.

Thought of the day

To judge is to define and to define is to limit. And when you put a limit to something, you force it to stop. And nothing in this universe stops from changing.


“yes! I can do it. I can win this.”
“haha. Why do you say so?”
“because i believe so.”

Belief. What is a brlief? It is a power. A weapon. A magic that can turn your right into wrong and your wrong into right. That can make you win or lose. A belief is something that can change your whole life. It can either make you or break you. A brlief has a power to make you fly. A belief can make you come to life. It can make you stronger and confident. But it can also kill you. Because if you believe in something, it happens. If you believe that God exists then he does and if you think he doesn’t then he doesn’t exist. If you believe that you are going to be rich then you will be. But if you believe that you will die poor then you will actually end up this way only. Because a believe gives you the strength to stand up and fight. It can make you challenge your fate and also defeat it. But if you believe in something negative then it will only break you into pieces. Yes that is the magic.
Everybody, in this world, believes in something. And this is human nature. We start believing into almost everything we hear, ser or feel. Whether it’s true or not. And that is the important part. When you believe that you can swim then you can but if you think you can’t then you will never try because of the fear of drowning. Because everything is possible when you believe. Then why not believe in yourself and hope for the best? Because if you believe that you can then there is nothing in this world that can stop you. A man worships a piece of rock just because he believes that God lives inside it. And that is why he keeps on praising it. Because it is his belief. And he is right at his point. We, the muslims, also worshio & pray to Allah who we can’t see but yet we fast for him and obey him. Because we believe that He has given us everything. And because we believe that He is hiding somewhere within us and is looking at us everytime we do sometjing right or wrong. And our this believe is respected all over the world. Because a belief is something that cannot be questioned. Because, as i said, everything becomes possible when you believe. So never stop believing. And believe what is right. As it can either make you or break you.


You’re alone. All alone. All by yourself. Away from the world. You may be surrounded by so many people but yet you stand alone. And sometimes, it’s good to be alone. It’s good not to be defined by somebody else. It’s all you. Your all time is for you. You do things for yourself then. And nobody stops you. Because you are alone. You don’t have that empty feeling anymore. Instead you are happy. You are alive. Because you don’t expect anything from anybody else and neither does people expect from you. And thats what makes you live a peacefull life.

And because in the end,
All alone is how you stand.


And now that you are alone. You can rule. You can survive. You can fight. You won’t follow anybody. Instead the world will follow you. You can make your own rules. You can also make mistakes. Because then nobody would scold you. There will be only your victory. Your success. And your experiences. Nobody can take that away from you. Becausr you are alone. And it is good to be alone.